The Hunt

I read my fair share of smutty ‘historical fiction’ and fantasize about attending a hunting party with Henry VIII’s court. All of the corsets on horses, picnics and dancing, oh my. While that may never happen, I did have a hunting party of my own this weekend: mushroom hunting. In the forest of Central Oregon, we found buckets of morels. I was especially excited to find so many blonde morels as I had never seen them. The hours of hunting worked up our appetites and we came home and enjoyed our ‘kills’ in a delicious pasta. Finding and picking food in nature makes it all the more tasty…makes me want a gun!

The Menu
prosciutto and melon
chilled asparagus basil soup
with gentlemen’s relish on toast
ricotto gnocci with corn and morels in a brown butter sage sauce
strawberry rhubarb soup with vanilla-bean ice cream
hazelnut meringues