Happy Thanksgiving: Turkey Three Ways
Greg and I hosted our first Thanksgiving this year and I couldn’t have had more fun doing it.  Our menu planning revolved around how we were going to cook the turkeys: all three of them.  The decision was to roast one ala Canal House, after a three day dry brine, with lots and lots of sage butter.  The other two were divided into legs and breasts; Greg smoked the breasts and I made turkey confit with the legs (following Suzanne Goin’s recipe from Bon Appetit).  I loved all three.  Amy set a gorgeous table and printed invitations, menus & place cards with a wish-bone motif (not to mention, acted like a total show-off with her magazine-worthy fancy pies).  While I played with new ways to make the bird, I stuck with three of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions from growing up.  I look forward to going around the table and saying what we are grateful for, as well as my great grandmother’s pumpkin praline pie.  But my biggest thanks and gratitude goes to all of my friends who indulged me with a serious game of Celebrity, followed by the late night crew’s round of Apples to Apples.  More than football, my family was all about the board games and I’m lucky to have good friends who are also game to play along.  Hope you all had Happy Thanksgivings as well…looking forward to keeping it rolling throughout the Holiday Season!!
 The Menu

spiced cider margaritas
cheese platter with accoutrements
crudites & relish platter

roast turkey with sage butter
chili smoked turkey breast
turkey confit
rich gravy
gingered orange cranberry sauce
fennel sausage, kale & squash sourdough stuffing
mushroom, leek & cornbread stuffing
buttermilk mashed potatoes
amelia’s sweet potatoes
brussel sprouts with pork belly
winter greens with cider vinaigrette
amy’s country rolls

amy & david’s pumpkin pie, double apple pie, coconut cream pie & chocolate cream pie
 jessica’s pumpkin cheesecake