Floral Naked Cakes

We get a lot of attention and praise for naked cakes.  When I started our business in my home kitchen, I was certainly figuring it out as I went along.  The first time I made a naked cake, it was only due to my lack of patience to finish frosting the cake.  Untrained, my frosting attempts looked like the work of a child given the freedom to decorate as they like.  Messy, uneven, and a little dangerous: might it tip?!  But the pictures got likes, and we got requests for more.  It probably helped that they were pretty tasty!  Now I no longer personally bake the cakes, but I love decorating them with fresh flowers and fruit.  They become part of the decor.  That being said, in 2010 I wondered, what’s the new mason jar?  Now I want to know: what’s the new naked cake?  Please let me know!